Registration Test Pool

Registration Test Pool

The Testing Pool is a list of athletes created by an anti-doping organization. The criteria for listing athletes in this list are high athletic performance, violations by athletes themselves or their staff of anti-doping rules in the past, etc.

International Federation Testing Pool is a list of athletes created by the international federation of your sport.

National Testing Pool is a list of athletes created by the National Anti-Doping Organization (NADC).

The distribution of the total volume of-competition tests on individual athletes is based on the fundamental idea:

  • to focus on the sports that are exposed to a high risk of doping;
  • to focus on the athletes who compete on (inter-)national performance levels.

Considering physiological, empirical, financial and medial risk factors all sporting disciplines are assigned to one of three risk groups (high risk of doping, average risk of doping, low risk of doping).

Based on the risk assessment in Ukraine sports distributed as follows:

  • high risk of doping: athletics, football, powerlifting, rowing, weightlifting, wrestling;
  • average risk of doping: basketball, biathlon, boxing, canoe/kayak, cycling, judo, kettlebell lifting, swimming;
  • low risk of doping: badminton, beach soccer, fencing, gymnastics, handball, karate, sambo, shooting, table tennis.


Moreover, national sports federations report once a year all their team athletes. Based on the athletes squad and the risk assessment of the sport, the athletes are divided into the different testing pools.