Comprehensive anti-doping seminar for the Ukrainian Canoe Federation

Comprehensive anti-doping seminar for the Ukrainian Canoe Federation

The national anti-doping center of Ukraine (NADC) continues a series of comprehensive anti-doping seminars for representatives of sports federations of our country. Today the participants of this event were athletes and their support personnel of the Ukrainian Canoe Federation.

During the seminar participants reviewed the structure of global anti-doping institutions and the types of anti-doping rules violations with their consequences and sanctions. Much time was also spent discussing the nuances of applying for a Therapeutic Use Exemption, reviewing the Prohibited List 2021, and the specifics of its use. Besides, the speaker of NADC raised the issue about using the supplements, because of the frequent rules violation on this matter.

Athletes and coaches also could ask additional questions about the specifics of applying for a retroactive Therapeutic Use Exemption and the procedures of out-of-competition testing.

Overall, the seminar was held in a good, friendly atmosphere, just like all other series seminars, which helped the participants expand their knowledge of anti-doping legislation.

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