On 10 November, during the Ukrainian Gymnastics Championships, the NADC doping-control officers collected the 1000th doping sample in 2023.

This is a significant result and a visible success of the NADC in organising and conducting anti-doping work.

We have achieved this in the difficult conditions of Russian aggression, despite organisational difficulties and logistical obstacles.

Thus, WADA appreciates and recognises our perseverance in testing Ukrainian athletes in conditions that no other national anti-doping organisation in the world has ever faced.

This is another step towards transparency, openness and integrity in Ukrainian sport.

This is our contribution to the development of doping-free Ukrainian sport.

This is our practical effort to prepare Ukrainian athletes for the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris.

We are very grateful to our stalwart Ukrainian warriors for the opportunity to work and do their job effectively!

Our sincere admiration goes to the Sample Collection Planning Department team and the accredited Doping Control Officers of the NADC.

Let’s compete fairly!

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